Invest in our children; they are the future.


As a child living in a world that seems out of control at times, it’s nice to have a place where everyone knows your name, cares about you personally, and is invested in your growth and development.  As a student, It’s a blessing to have a school like Laurens Academy where you can learn in a safe environment with teachers who not only teach you a sound and proven curriculum but who hold you to a high standard and work ethic, who support your efforts and encourage your talents and gifts, and who hold you accountable for your actions in an effort to make you a responsible and independent citizen that will lead by service and by example in the future.


Laurens Academy’s mission to provide a safe, secure environment that will enhance each student’s opportunity to develop to his or her highest potential academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.


We need your support to provide such an environment and standard of education for our current students and for those who are yet to come. Your donation is not only a monetary gift, but an investment in the future leadership and direction of our town, state and country. Thank you.