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Attend Spartanburg Methodist College Tuition Free

Students who graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA can attend Spartanburg Methodist College tuition free. A savings of $12,723. Other scholarships and grants may also be available to cover the cost of room and board.  Apply early for the best financial aid awards. Attend a Discovery Day and receive even more. Discovery Day

Register for NCAA

Any senior who is contemplating playing a sport at the college level must be registered with the NCAA. Be sure to complete a transcript request in the office after you have registered. Register

Academic Common Market

Would you like to attend an out-of-state school for in-state tuition? The Academic Common Market is a program that could enables students to attend out-of-state schools that offer a major that a South Carolina school does not have for in-state tuition. It is only for public colleges and universities.  The only catch is that participants cannot take advantage of state scholarships. Learn more at

Applying to USC? Check this out.

The USC Guide to Planning Your Senior Year

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College application information:

College class equivalencies:

State scholarships:

South Carolina State Scholarships

HOPE Scholarship 4-Year SC - Public or Private Award: $2500 . First year only. Requirements: 3.00 GPA.  No application needed.

LIFE Scholarship - 2-Year SC Public or Private Award: Up to the cost of USC Regional campuses. Up to 2 years. Requirements: 3.00 GPA. Must maintain GPA. No application needed.

LIFE Scholarship - SC Technical College Award: Cost of tuition. Up to 2 years. Requirements: 3.00 GPA. Must maintain GPA. No application needed.

LIFE Scholarship - Four-Year SC Public or Private Award: Up to $5000. Up to 4 years. Requirements: Must meet 2 of 3: 3.00 GPA/Top 30% senior class/1100 SAT or 24 ACT. Must maintain GPA. No application needed.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship* - 4-Year SC Colleges and Universities-Public or Private Award: $7500 Requirements: Must meet all: Ranked cumulatively 1 or 2 for 10th or 11th or 12th, 1200 SAT/27 ACT, 3.5 GPA. Must maintain GPA. Must complete application through counselor.  *Many colleges add additional scholarships/Benefits for Palmetto Fellows.

LIFE/Palmetto Fellows Math/Science Enhancement - 4-Year SC Public or Private Award - Up to $2500. Sophomore-Senior Year. Requirements - 14 hours of math/science courses freshman year (Dual-enrollment counts.)

CHE Approved Programs for Scholarship Enhancements. Check major under each college.


Test Registration Information

Laurens Academy Code – 411274     

NCAA Code – 9999

-Colleges you plan to apply
-Credit Card
-User Name and Password if previously registered

Be sure the test score you need to qualify for admission has been sent to the college by ACT or College Board. They do not automatically send all of your scores.

List the college when you register for the test in advance or go to the testing website and pay a fee to have it sent after you have received the score.

Upcoming SAT Test Dates in 2020 :

Upcoming ACT Test Dates in 2020:

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